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A Few Words About Us

Author, webmaster: Tim Brown
Tim Brown, patriotic American, graphic and web developer, and the webmaster

My father served during World War 2, he served in the U.S. Navy, and the Army as a medic on the frontlines during battle rescuing, saving, salvaging, and carrying the dead to a nearby makeshift hospital for the soldiers.
My father along with other soldiers went to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, after the Japanese airstrike attacks on Pearl Harbor. My father along with other army soldiers were there to find, locate military personnel, soldiers, and people to rescue to verify the dead.
On D Day, like many that served our country faithfully during the war, he was awarded the good conduct medal, and other awards for his brave service to our country. He was a war hero!
We have built this website in honor of my father: Harold Brown, all veterans of war, their families, every American citizen, son, daughter, and everyone everywhere that either longs for freedom, cherishes freedom and liberty, and not tyranny, in our world!

Your Great Freedoms and Liberty's need YOUR ATTENTION: Take A Stand!

Americans has always been in danger of losing their freedoms that were bought and paid in blood by those that stood against our oppressors!
We have much to lose if we loose our freedoms. What every American, immigrant, and naturalized citizen should understand is we are always just a step away from loosing our freedom and liberty. The threats are always around us daily, but are being just kept at bay from unfolding into one of the most dangerous tyrannies in history!
All of You the People are the answer to keep our country safe and free from absolute tyranny, so don't be quiet, and don't go away in the night in silence, take a stand where you are, with what you know and what you can do yourselves to protect your freedoms, and the freedoms of your family, neighbors, and all Americans everywhere by not going in silence and watching e by little your freedoms crumbling away. Think of the future generations, what do YOU want to leave for them?
All Americans, immigrants and naturalized citizens can use the public square to speak what is on your minds, your concerns, and fears where our country is going.
Just don't go away silent in the night!

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